IMG_0111I am a music teacher living in Michigan. Like most people I have experienced plenty of loss in the decades of my life, but on February 13, 2015 I lost the love of my life, my husband of just 16 months. Writing about loss seemed like a good way to process my grief. I shared posts with a few friends and was encouraged to start this blog. I hope people will share their own stories of loss and that we can take wisdom and comfort from each other.


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  1. This is a great idea and I hope that you are feeling and doing better. I had never lost anyone in my family and when I was 7 months pregnant, in my 20’s, I lost my beloved mother. We were going into the next phase of mother and daughter relationship and could now share stories, experiences of a shared love of motherhood. Hers was the first funeral I had been to. My intense grief lasted about 2 years. Even though I had my beautiful child, engaged in my life, was a happy mommy, I was deeply grieving and knew no one without a mother. It was a very lonely time and I didn’t think anyone really understood except my grandparents and my aunts and brothers. While life has gone on, and there have been so many happy moments, my life without a mother has been difficult. I had another child, a divorce, and went through cancer without her. I do have comfort in feeli g like somehow she has always been by my side, watching over me, protecting us, proud in my accomplishments. While we don’t really know if there is an afterlife, it gives me peace and comfort to believe that she is my gardian Angel. I didn’t listen to anyone when they told me, “she’s in a better place”. I believe many people don’t know what to say or do when you loose someone so they say what they think sounds good, because talking about death is uncomfortable. I think people mean well, but it’s awkward for them. So in ending, my feeling is that grieving is good, its hard, it’s heartbreaking and it’s not up to anyone else to decide how long or how someone should grieve.


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