My Brother

I just spent 3 days with my big brother. He lives far away and I see not nearly enough of him. Maybe because we are all getting older, maybe because we have already lost one sibling, maybe just because I was paying more attention than usual, I noticed many things that had not fully registered until now. Mainly I realized what a good person he is, how much I like and respect him and how very much I have to learn from him. I tried to do a Letterman style Top Ten List, but math is not really my forte so……….

Top 10+ Reasons Why I Love My Brother

12.We share a boatload of inherited traits. From my dad: being driven, liking things done certain ways, loving travel and working hard at rewarding careers. From my mom: loving the beach, swimming and sitting in the sun doing nothing for hours, remembering birthdays (he’s better than I am at that) and sending thank you notes.

11..He is generous beyond belief and yet also careful with his investments and frugal in his personal life.

10.He is one of those increasingly rare, old-fashioned guys who knows right from wrong and acts on it. I think they call that having integrity.

9.He has mastered one of life’s toughest skills-forgiveness. He does not hold grudges and he lets even those who have wronged him back into his life, no questions asked.

8.He is one of the most loyal people I know—maintaining friendships for decades, staying with his employer, his church and his volunteer assignment through thick and thin for 20 years or more.

7.Unlike me, he chose a wonderful spouse and life partner on the very first try and has been in a great marriage for 44 years.

6.He appreciates nature, is in great shape and can hike the pants off me despite being almost 73!

5.As VP of Student Services at a large California community college he is far more hip and better versed in diversity issues than I will ever be.

4.Although he has many reasons to feel proud of his life’s accomplishments, he always focuses on the accomplishments of other people he has helped along the way and feels genuine joy in their successes.

3.His stone batting on the beach while doing a running play-by-play of an imagined Milwaukee Braves game (yes, they were there back then) was the soundtrack of my childhood.

2.He has been kind and welcoming to ALL my husbands.

1.He has always been nice to me and never once made me feel like the annoying baby sister.

I am a lucky sister to have him in my life.  I hope his June retirement will bring more chances to be around him. We have some traveling and swimming and beach blobbing to do! I love you, Dick.


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